Introducing: Raise DC's Progress Report

After two years of data collection, Raise DC is proud to release its progress report, a citywide look at improvements on our five high-level education goals for District youth.

Raise DC's Progress Report makes it clear that we as a city have covered ground since the release of the baseline report card in 2013. However, there is still a long way to go toward ensuring the success of all DC children and youth.

The progress report is designed to focus on each of our high-level goals and the core and contributing indicators that explain our progress toward them. You'll also find a description of the work our Change Network members and committed partners are supporting now and as we move forward. This provides a clearer view how the report's data is being used to improve outcomes. Lastly, each of our five goal areas includes a spotlight, featuring a tangible way data is improving outcomes for an organization or initiative.

We invite you to review the full progress report or to click on a goal area that interests you. For the more data-minded among us, a complete Data Dictionary describes the source, raw numbers, and calculations for each indicator.

Raise DC's Progress Report was made possible by a diligent Data Committee, dozens of Leadership Council members and their organizations, and more than 150 Change Network member partners. We're proud of the work we've accomplishedtogetherthat is reflected in this report. And we're eager for more help in our commitment to shared outcomes and continuous improvement.

We know that long-term dedication and authentic collaboration will produce needle-moving change in data and will, more importantly, ensure all DC children and youth succeed. Together, we will continue to raise DC.