Announcing Raise DC's New Website

Raise DC is proud to serve as the District's citywide "cradle-to-career" partnership, leveraging cross-sector engagement to collectively drive better educational outcomes for our youth. With the strong support of key stakeholders from government, philanthropy, non-profits and the private sector we are focused on kindergarten readiness, school success, re-engaging youth who have become disconnected from school/work, college and credential completion and youth employment. 

Today, we launch our new website ( so all of you can stay more connected to our work. 
Our new website serves as the place to follow Raise DC's most up-to-date news, data, and projects. We welcome any feedback or questions (directed at that you may have after perusing the site. We’re excited to share this tool with you, excited about the outcomes we're furthering for youth and looking forward to having all of you become more involved.  Take a look at the website today, visit it often and follow us on twitter @Raise_DC!