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EDI Data Collection

With the participation of 116 DC schools and community-based organizations, the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) administered the EDI in early 2016, and serves as the lead agency in disseminating the results and engaging stakeholders throughout DC. OSSE is committed to actionable data for schools, community-based organizations, communities, and families.

UCLA’s Center for Healthy Children, Families, and Communities led the data collection process and analysis of the EDI and continues to support Washington, DC, in using the EDI to drive practice and policy changes across the District.



Pre-K 4 teachers at DC Public Schools, public charter schools, and community-based organizations collected the data on 4-year-olds from 2015-2017, with the majority of data coming from 2016. This data represents more than 4,600 children in more than 350 classrooms.

Teachers complete an EDI questionnaire, where they recall their observations of students in English. The results are always to be used at the community aggregate level and are not used to evaluate individual children, nor are they used to rank teachers, neighborhoods, schools, or local education agencies in any way.



The EDI will be administered across the city during school year 2018-2019, with citywide outcomes shared in 2019 to continually show trends and asses the vulnerabilities of the District’s earliest learners. 

Our shared vision is that organizations and individuals across Washington, DC, will harness the EDI data between 2016-2019 to create equitable practices and policies for young children and families. 



You can easily engage your child’s school or community-based organization in the community conversation. Check out our school-specific resources.