Bridge to High School

Data Exchange & KID TALK

In DC, students and families have many high school options to choose among. However, this choice landscape often presents logistical challenges for high schools, with many enrolling students from dozens of different middle schools – across DCPS and public charter campuses – but lacking important quantitative and qualitative information upfront to serve incoming 9th graders well.

Created by schools, for schools, the Bridge to High School Data Exchange and Kid Talk equip educators with key student-level information and opportunities to connect with one another to better serve rising 9th graders.


Launched in 2016 as a joint venture between Raise DC and the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), the Bridge to High School Data Exchange (Data Exchange) is a standardized process that transmits individual-level data quickly, automatically, and consistently for students as they move from middle to high school. This data is transmitted among participating LEAs, with the understanding that each LEA is responsible for collecting and distributing relevant data among its respective middle and high school campuses. Since its launch, the Data Exchange has scaled to include 95% of DC LEAs with campuses serving grades 8 and 9.

As a complement to the information shared through the Data Exchange, the Kid Talk offers middle and high school staff the opportunity to connect with one another in person to: 1) Review 8th grade data and offer insights to guide student-specific planning for rising 9th graders, and 2) Launch ongoing working relationships between middle and high schools to continue supporting shared students throughout their freshman year. 

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Now in its fourth year, the Bridge to High School work is continuing with its planned transition to an OSSE-managed initiative. As always, Raise DC is playing a critical role in ensuring the program’s success. For more on the 2019 Bridge to High School Data Exchange and Kid Talk, visit: