Raise DC: A Collective Call to Action

Raise DC is a cross-sector partnership of local stakeholders formed to promote a culture shift from competition over Washington, DC, resources to collaboration, in providing every youth with opportunities to succeed from cradle to career. We make our collective impact by:

  • Using data as a flashlight

  • Identifying effective practices

  • Aligning community resources to fill gaps and spread what works

All participants have a shared vision for change, as well as a common understanding of the problem and how they will work to collectively solve it.


Raise DC's work focuses on OUR HIGH-LEVEL GOALS:


Raise DC’s 2018 Progress Report highlights core and contributing data indicators related to each of the five, high-level goals. Indicators are the way to measure whether DC’s children and youth are on track to reach Raise DC’s high-level goals. Tracking the same indicators as the baseline Report Card and 2015 Progress Report and continuing to gather data year over year allows Raise DC to guide its work, identify gaps, measure improvements, and unite the community around a set of common goals.