Postsecondary Access & Completion Change Network



The Postsecondary Access & Completion Change Network (PACCN) brings together college access providers, community-based organizations, government agencies, and institutions of higher learning.

Formerly the College and Credential Completion Network (C3N) and housed in the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), PACCN is relaunching in spring of 2017 and is driven by Raise DC's commitment to using data to drive postsecondary enrollment and attainment rates.

Over the next year, PACCN will look at what happens to DC students when they graduate from high school, as well as the ways in which college access providers and higher education institutions are serving DC youth. The Change Network will also be exploring currently available data and what other data is needed to work toward Raise DC's goal of postsecondary completion.

In the past, C3N had range of initiatives targeting key indicators for postsecondary attainment, including readiness, enrollment, and persistence, as well as systems for the sharing of best practices around college access and success. To improve postsecondary readiness, C3N’s Data Sharing Initiative utilized OSSE's Statewide Longitudinal Education Data System (SLED) to give nonprofit service providers unprecedented and crucial student-level data and analysis, imparting the insight needed to improve programming and service-impact. To increase postsecondary enrollment, C3N aimed to increase the District’s rate of FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) completion through a public awareness campaign, the creation of a student-level FAFSA data portal for high school staff, and FAFSA submission events. Supplementing these efforts, C3N members shared and acquired best practices through the network’s Counselor Professional Development Program and monthly roundtables, allowing for greater intra-network programmatic alignment.



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Office of the State Superintendent of Education

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