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Understanding DC's Data on Young Children

EDI: A Community-Level Tool

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Acting on Early Childhood Data

Our Children, Our Community, Our Change.

What is your vision for all of our children in DC? What do you hope and imagine for your community?

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Together, we have the opportunity to create a more prosperous city in which all DC children are on track to succeed.

Children’s early experiences have lasting effects on mental and physical health over the course of one’s lifetime. The quality of the multiple environments where children live, learn, and play is critical for their health and well-being.

We have the opportunity to use early childhood data as a catalyst, along with our own experiences in DC, so we can:

●      Create strong environments so all young children and families can thrive;

●      Work to build more equitable communities across our city; and

●      Spark actions in our work, policies, and practices to create change.

We each have a role to play in supporting our children and our community: Here, you can:

Understand the Early Development Instrument (EDI) data and maps.



Use this data for your own organization's and community's needs and interests. Spark conversations, identify actions, and then circle back to us to let us know how you are working to create change.