New Futures

New Futures provides scholarships for Metro area youth to pursue Associate’s degrees or a post-secondary certificates.  The organization works with 14  community partners to who nominate applicants for New Futures Scholars Program; recipients receive scholarships up to $12,800.  New Futures also provides resources and workshops that focus on how best to find a rewarding career.   

New Futures recently re-launched its Career Navigator website.  Anyone can take a career assessment to learn about their top three career clusters based on their interests and create an account that will guide them through career exploration, goal-setting, and developing a network, culminating in the creation of a career plan.  They can also learn about local post-secondary schools where they may prepare for their career. The organization created this website through collaboration with Global Skills x-Change, an organization they approached through C3N.

New Futures recognizes that there are multiple pathway to post-secondary success, and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for success. New Futures advocates this stance within C3N, and has appreciated time to network with others in the post-secondary community and to share best practices.