Community Partnership for Postsecondary Attainment Change Network


The Community Partnership for Postsecondary Attainment (CPPA) is a Change Network of seven nonprofits and schools that support students who have not found academic success in a traditional setting, as well as five postsecondary institutions that serve a significant number of DC youth.

Originally created through a grant from Lumina Foundation, CPPA seeks to ensure these students in alternative pathways finish high school and succeed in a postsecondary setting. CPPA providers focus on three areas of the postsecondary experience: enrollment, persistence, and attainment. 

In 2016, Raise DC presented CPPA providers with baseline education data on how their former students fared in postsecondary institutions. Using National Student Clearinghouse information from the past 10 years matched with student-level records, members were able to see how many of their students enrolled in postsecondary institutions, stayed enrolled from their first to their secondary year of school, and how many had attained associate's or bachelor's degrees.

This data will allow CPPA members to determine best practices and services that benefit DC youth who have reconnected to secondary education and, ultimately, attain postsecondary credentials. By forging paths for more robust data-sharing efforts, Change Network members will be able to identify points at which nontraditional students are most vulnerable and then take informed action steps to support them along the way. As a long-term outcome, Raise DC will use available data to evaluate the group's effectiveness in increasing the number of re-engaged youth who attain postsecondary credentials.