Bridge to High School Data Exchange

DC LEAs are invited to join the Bridge to High School Data Exchange! Now in its second year, the data exchange – created by schools, for schools – empowers educators with key information they need to better serve rising 9th graders.


The transition from 8th through 9th grades is a critical time for students and, in DC, families have many high school options to choose among. However, this context often presents logistical challenges for high schools, with many enrolling students from dozens of different middle schools but lacking key information upfront to serve those incoming 9th graders well. To address this challenge, Raise DC’s 9th Grade Counts Network (9GCN), with support from the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE), piloted a data-sharing initiative among DC middle and high schools in 2016 to transfer important student information for rising 9th graders. The Bridge to High School Data Exchange offers a standardized process for ensuring that essential information is transmitted quickly, automatically, and consistently for students as they move from middle to high school.


In its pilot year, 11 LEAs – including both DCPS and public charter schools – participated in the Bridge to High School Data Exchange.  These LEAs enrolled over 2,000 first-time 9th graders, more than 700 of whom transferred across LEAs. Participating schools were able to promote early interventions, establish relationships between staff and new students within and across schools, and plan resource placement. This year, Raise DC and OSSE are recruiting more LEAs to grow the number of students served through the Bridge to High School Data Exchange. Participation is voluntary – so your engagement matters!


If you are a middle school, your participation will increase the chances of your exiting 8th graders starting off high school on the right foot by:

  1. Providing high schools with key data that can promote early interventions and
  2. Establishing relationships with staff at receiving high schools. Your school will also receive key first-year outcomes data for your exiting 8th graders back from participating high schools.  

If you are a high school, your participation will enable your colleagues to receive faster access to critical information that will help plan course placement and other necessary supports for rising 9th graders.


Additional details, including participation requirements and timelines, can be found in this Overview document. If you missed one of the April informational webinars, you can learn more about the process, including a view of the data-sharing tool (Qlik), HERE.

Please note that all interested LEAs must submit a Participating LEA Commitment Form and OSSE Enrollment Data Acknowledgement Form to Raise DC ( by May 1st.


For questions related to Qlik, contact Melissa McKnight, OSSE Director of College and Career Readiness, at (202) 841-3173 or For any other questions related to the Bridge to High School Data Exchange or 9GCN, contact Celine Fejeran, Raise DC Deputy Director, at (202) 303-2438 or