9th Grade Counts Network

As part of Raise DC's Graduation Pathways Project, the 9th Grade Counts Network (9GCN) is a Change Network formed in 2015 to ensure that every student transitions successfully to and through 9th grade. Comprised of school-based partners and government agencies, 9GCN empowers schools with the right information to better meet the needs of incoming 9th graders and equips stuents with the academic and non-acadmeic skills they need to succeed in 9th grade.

Through the 9th Grade Counts Network (9GCN), stakeholders are collaborating to strengthen student transitions from middle to high school. In summer 2016, the 9GCN, with leadership from OSSE, piloted a 9th Grade Student Information Exchange to equip participating high schools with key student-level data for their incoming 9th graders. This data sharing now serves as a launch pad for members to scale effective practices, develop middle-to-high school partnerships, and elevate to key citywide leaders specific infrastructure and policy barriers that need to be addressed. After a successful pilot, the 9th Grade Student Information Exchange is expanding in 2017 to include more middle schools and high schools.